Signe Bergstrom

Set Your Compass True

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With the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, a significant chapter in American history will come to a close. The Kennedy legacy is enormous and vital, and the American fascination with the family on a personal and political level has long endured. Images of Camelot, the Kennedy family on the beach in Hyannisport, Bobby Kennedy campaigning for the presidency with his ever-present dog Freckles and the sad passing of his funeral train that drew thousands, Teddy Kennedy′s place on Capitol Hill as a champion of health care and family patriarch with its joys (giving Caroline away on her wedding day) and sorrows (bearing the metal coffin with the remains of John F. Kennedy, Jr. back to Woods Hole after his fatal 1999 plane crash)--these pictures are embedded in the American psyche. Americans can identify with the Kennedy family on a personal level: while their losses and sorrows have been enormous, their achievements have been enormous, their verve, intense and heartfelt.
This book celebrates that legacy. Inspiring and uplifting, and organized thematically by subjects such as truth, determination, discipline, listening to your inner voice, and other relevant topics. It captures the wit, wisdom, and distinct personality of each of these dynamic leaders. It is at once an homage to the Kennedys and a book of inspirational guidance.
The content includes first-person quotations, excerpts from letters, interviews, and speeches by each man. It also includes anecdotes and observations on the three brothers by other family members, such as Joseph Sr. and Rose. Three eight-page inserts reveal images of the brothers--alone and together--from their youth to their final days.
The book is structured as a must-have memento: beautifully designed, it makes a great gift, particularly with its selection of carefully chosen pictures. With its diverse editorial content, it will appeal to those with an interest in history and politics as well as to those with a more pop-culture interest in the Kennedy aura. With its compelling stories, passionate views on life and overcoming difficulty, it captures the essence of each man′s personality, and provides solace and inspiration for the reader, which will appeal to the self-help audience.
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