How to Pick Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps and Start All Over Again, B.A., Behavior Science, C. HT Certified Hypnotherapist Carl Schoner
B.A.,Behavior Science,C. HT Certified Hypnotherapist Carl Schoner

How to Pick Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps and Start All Over Again

“How To Pick Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps And Start All Over Again!” is an inspirational, motivational, and theraputic collection of sound recommendations and pointed advice for those who feel they have been downsized, out-sourced, terminated, laid-off, or otherwise dumped upon, ill-treated, abused and forgotten. The author describes personal recovery from situations such as these as similar to “eating an elephant.” There is only one proper way to do that, and that is one bite at a time. So in this little book you will find many of those tiny bites that you must digest in order to devour the beast and get on with your life. To make this task easier to swallow, the author has seasoned these pages with a generous serving of his favorite cartoons and illustrations with the hope that they will put at least a little smile on even the most downtrodden of souls. This book is perfect for anyone who needs a little boot in the rear end to get on with the task of living.
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