William Shakespeare

The Tragedy of Coriolanus

  • an nahas quoted9 years ago
    His nature is too noble for the world
  • Дмитрий Кувшиновhas quoted4 years ago
    There was a time when all the body's members
    Rebell'd against the belly, thus accused it:
    That only like a gulf it did remain
    I' the midst o' the body, idle and unactive,
    Still cupboarding the viand, never bearing
    Like labour with the rest, where the other instruments
    Did see and hear, devise, instruct, walk, feel,
    And, mutually participate, did minister
    Unto the appetite and affection common
    Of the whole body.
  • Дмитрий Кувшиновhas quoted5 years ago
    You would be another Penelope: yet, they say, all
    the yarn she spun in Ulysses' absence did but fill
    Ithaca full of moths.
  • Дмитрий Кувшиновhas quoted5 years ago
    What's the matter, you dissentious rogues,
    That, rubbing the poor itch of your opinion,
    Make yourselves scabs?
  • Дмитрий Кувшиновhas quoted5 years ago
    You are transported by calamity
    Thither where more attends you, and you slander
    The helms o' the state, who care for you like fathers,
    When you curse them as enemies.
  • an nahas quoted9 years ago
    You know neither me, yourselves, nor anything.
  • an nahas quoted9 years ago
    They say poor suitors have strong breaths; they shall know we have strong arms too.
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