Rob Aspinall

Truly Deadly

Meet the world's unlikeliest assassin.
Lorna Walker's got her new heart. But it came at a price.
She remembers another life. The life of an assassin.
And then there's the crazy new skills. Her donor died from a bullet wound.

Could they be his?
Just as Lorna is getting her life on track, she activates the list.
Now a secret agency wants her dead. They'll stop at nothing to silence her. And she'll do anything to survive.
You'll love this fast, funny, action-packed YA thriller series because it's full of spies, assassins and adventure.
About the series
From the UK to the US, Europe to Africa, the Far East and beyond, expect a fast, funny series readers are calling “CHERUB meets Bourne”.
Truly Deadly (Lorna Walker #1)
When sassy teen Lorna inherits the heart of a dead assassin, she inherits a world of trouble. Hold on tight for the first in an action-packed YA spy thriller series.
Infinite Kill (Lorna Walker #2)
Carrying the scars from her first adventure, Lorna faces a destiny-shaping decision: Run and hide or stand and fight. Can she save thousands of innocents? Can she save herself?
World Will Fall (Lorna Walker #3)
Global disaster looms and Teen spy Lorna stands in the way. Brace yourself for a full-throttle blast. Things are about to get crazy. And you won't believe what's coming your way.
Made of Fire (Lorna Walker #4)
It's Lorna's 17th birthday. It might just be her last. A suicide mission to Mexico her special treat. The clock is ticking. She's left for dead. And in totally the wrong shoes.
Slave Nation (Lorna Walker #5)
A dark new world awaits us all. Lorna is alone except for some dangerous friends. Can they be trusted? The action goes global in one last epic thrill ride.
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Recommended for age 16+. Not for the faint-hearted.
925 printed pages
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Rob Aspinall
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