Olivia Hampshire

First Time Magic

Rita was distressfully married and not very happy about it, but she lived day by day in the zone of “this is just the way it is.” Her good friends, Angie and Cali where open and free photographers, videographers and they were going on a very exciting shoot to on of the best lesbian resort hotels in the world. Just for fun, they invited Rita. Why not? And that is where the First Time Magic began.

“Hello Olivia. First Time Magic brought back so many memories about my first time lesbian experience. It seems like just yesterday. And your main character in the story reminds me so much of me before I opened up and just allowed me to be the me that I am. I used to hate lesbians. That is what I thought I thought, and that is what I told everyone, but ended up, society had told me that they hated me and I let all of that go. This lesbian romance experience you have created is all about the first time lesbian magic, just like the title, of me, loving me.” Ava, Phoenix, AZ

“Hi Olivia. Thank you for the wonder short, but power House in Romance books. I enjoy seeing who is going to show up each and every book. In your lesbian romance method, this time you really hit it home when you show what happens with Rita and Linda in a first time lesbian situation. Rita just has no clue who she is, or what would make her really happy until she meets Linda. Ha! This House of Romance story reminds me of my first time lesbian total experience from beginning to the end. Thanks Olivia. Love Ya!” Madison, St. Paul, Minnesota

«I could not believe what was going on with Rita and her husband. How did she let that go on? Why didn´t she tell him to get lost from the get go? And when he showed up, why bother given who she had her eye on. Olivia, this is another on of your super lesbian romance stories and I am so glad I have joined your email list so that I can get the latest news release and always know when your new stuff is coming out. The House of Romance is way more than a house of romance.» Hannah, Austin, TX

“Olivia! Why do we have to go through all of that? Why does something have to fall out of the sky and hit us right between the eyes before we see that we are the way we are and we like what we like? What is up with that? I waited decades. I had children and two husbands before I had my first time lesbian experience. I waited more than half of my life to be me. I hope many younger women read this lesbian romance story and decide to just jump right up and be themselves much earlier than I did. Great message Olivia.” Scarlett, Denver, CO
67 printed pages
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