James Brown

Rat Trap: Break Free and Learn to Trade

After Susan’s Financial Institution lost her life-saving in the stock market, she looked for the Holy Grail to become a successful trader and take control over her own financial future.
She stays up late nights sacrificing time with family, friends to develop a method that works. She is close, but no matter what indicator or trading system she puts together nothing works.
Feeling of failure sets in, resulting in alcohol addiction when her systems fail. Anger builds up because the world gives her validation that her system works but then it loses money.
Susan seeks help from mentors and other successful traders online and asking to work for free at trading floors to learn the BIG SECRET, just to get inside the club with no luck.
Through all her efforts, Susan received guidance and necessary concepts needed to succeed. Quality or quantity and looked at trading in a whole new way, which decreased her stress, alcohol consumption, and view of trading. She understands now what trading is, and it has brought true freedom when she looks at the screen. She doesn’t overthink, overanalyzed and accept losses.
Most important, she understands and strives for balance in her life and trading. Now she can fulfill her dream and break free from the analyst, stock brokers and financial gurus and trade her own retirement account. She is FREE!
67 printed pages
Original publication
James Brown



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