Mariano Azuela

The Underdogs, a Story of the Mexican Revolution

146 printed pages
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  • Jake Duncanhas quoted8 years ago
    The revolution benefits the poor, the ignorant, all those who have been slaves all their lives, all the unhappy people who do not even suspect they are poor because the rich who stand above them, the rich who rule them, change their s
  • Jake Duncanhas quoted8 years ago
    anged sides. Did not the sufferings of the underdogs, of the disinherited masses, move him to the core? Henceforth he espoused the cause of Demos, of the subjugated, the beaten and baffled, who implore justice, and justice alone. He became intimate with the humblest private. More, even, he shed tears of compassion over a dead mule which fell, load and all, after a terri
  • Jake Duncanhas quoted8 years ago
    nd soul and tortillas full of beans and chili are never lacking,” Anastasio Montanez said with a triumphant belch.
    The mountaineers would shake calloused hands with the travelers, saying:
    “God’s blessing on you! He will find a way to help you all, never fear. We’re going ourselves, starting tomorrow morning.

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