Michelle Robinson

Your Intuitive Gifts At Work: From Passion to Profession

Your Intuitive Gifts at Work
From Passion to Profession: The 8 Keys to Excellence in Spiritual Practice
Is your soul calling you to step into the power of your intuitive gifts?
Are you ready to propel your gifts to their full potential?
Do you want to stop just 'practicing' and know how to set up a Professional Intuitive Practice?
Then this book is for you if you wish to:

Manage your energy so you work at peak performance
Make the best connections with your client and Spirit
Learn how to build a client-base
Set up and market your intuitive practice

This book reveals how you can:.

Set an empowered intention to experience the highest vibration to work with your gifts
Create the right energy connections for psychic work, evidential mediumship, healing and trance
Offer more powerful evidence and healing
Adapt my ethical framework and quality checklist to your business
Learn the basics to set up and market your practice
Learn how to build a fan-base of potential clients using Facebook

«Michelle Robinson is a wealth of information and knowledge in all things esoteric. She is a practical gift to an undefined industry.» Paul Cavanough, International Psychic Medium

If your passion is to work with your intuitive gifts, but you hesitate to take that step. You need the right guidance to move forward.

If you trust Spirit, but sometimes not yourself.
When your greatest fear is disappointing your clients and your guides or if you don’t know which gift to focus on.
When your sensitivities overwhelm or you lack confidence in your evidence.
Or you provide great evidence in some readings and average evidence in others
You want to deliver excellent service, every time.
You sense Spirit, but don’t know how to develop your mediumship or healing gift.

Then this book helps you:

Step into a professional new ‘you.’
Get the step by step guidance you need to work confidently with your intuitive gifts.
Banish self-sabotage and fear of failure. Release doubts and limitations.
Learn how to work with psychic, mediumship, healing and trance connections.
Protect your energy and avoid burnout.
Build and sustain your spiritual ‘power’ so it never lets you down.

Become a polished, professional practitioner by adapting my ethical frameworkand quality checklists to suit your needs and the needs of your clients.

“Michelle’s integrity and dedication to the healing arts is beyond measure. I have found her inspirational trance control to be equally outstanding.”  Sunny Burgess Spirit Listener

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Sitting in the Power and Calm Lake Mindfulness Meditation
173 printed pages
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