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Timothy Braxton

High Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home

Let's face it, the job market is constantly changing. The influx of disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, the Cloud, and Big data is shrinking opportunities for conventional office jobs. Hold on, all hope is not lost. The rise in technological innovations have given rise to freelancing — the freedom to choose your own working hours and to work from your own home — your comfort zone. Mobile technology has empowered so many people to accomplish tasks from home with limited supervision. For instance, IT analysts, statistical data analysts, graphic designers, and animators can practically work anywhere and with minimum supervision.

The gig economy is booming. In fact, freelancing is fast gaining much ground across various workforces. For instance, Payoneer, a leading financial platform, has estimated that the American workforce will contain about 40 percent freelancers by 2020. Europe already boasts the largest number of freelancers, with Asia and Africa trailing closely behind. Working at home offers you flexibility — the ability to choose your working hours. It saves you the cost of commuting to and from your workplace. In addition to this, you also get to reduce your wardrobe allowance. What's more, working from home doesn't mean you have to lose out on high-paying jobs. According to Flexjobs, freelancing gigs are some of the highest paying jobs.

Find out which jobs are paying over $100,000 a year that you can do from home!

So, to help to make the decision to break free from your time-consuming job, we've collected an amazing array of high-paying jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. So, sit back, relax, and explore the rich opportunities we've brought to your kitchen table!

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