Don Pendleton

Miami Massacre

In his war against the mob, the Executioner slams into the Florida coast like a one-man hurricane in the classic series from “a writer who spawned a genre” (The New York Times).
A sniper trained in the jungles of Vietnam, Mack Bolan is the kind of vigilante hero “who would make Jack Reacher think twice” ( Unleashing his vengeance coast to coast, Bolan is waging a very personal war on organized crime. Now, with a cadre of Cuban revolutionaries on his side, it’s time for a hurricane called the Executioner to blindside Miami.
Bolan had planned to fight his way across the country, taking out branches of the syndicate one by one. Then comes a break Bolan never dreamed of: All of his enemies have assembled in the Sunshine State to finalize the elimination of the Executioner. For Bolan, the mob’s Miami summit is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to destroy the entire Mafia with one single blow.
“Don Pendleton’s anti-hero is just as powerful in the world of publishing as he is in the dark alleys of any crime-infested urban hell” (NYBooktime). With more than two hundred millions copies of the Executioner books sold since its phenomenal debut, the iconic action series is still inspiring artists today. Gerry Conway, cocreator of the Marvel Comics series, The Punisher, credits the series for “[giving] me the idea for the lone, slightly psychotic avenger.” Currently in production as a major motion picture, the Executioner still blows away the competition.
Miami Massacre is the 4th book in the Executioner series, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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