Lester Grau,Michael Gress

The Red Army's Do-it-Yourself, Nazi-Bashing Guerrilla Warfare Manual

The WWII Soviet Guerilla training manual that became an essential text for freedom fighters across the globe—complete with illustrations.

When Germany invaded the Soviet Union during World War II, the Red Army began recruiting local partisans to help mount a resistance. This edition of The Partisan’s Companion is the last-and-best Red Army manual used to train these men to fight Nazi invaders. Besides field craft, it covers partisan tactics, German counter-guerrilla tactics, demolitions, German and Soviet weapons, scouting, camouflage, anti-tank warfare and anti-aircraft defense for squad and platoon-level instruction. It contains the Soviet lessons of two bitter years of war and provides a good look at the tactics and training of a mature partisan force.

While this handbook was a vital part of Soviet victory over the Nazis, its usefulness outlived the Second World War. It was later used to train guerrilla groups in the developing world during their wars of national liberation in the 1950s–70s. Even the Fedayeen guerrillas who fought United States and coalition forces in Iraq relied on this manual for training, tactics, and general approach to combat.

A selection of the Military Book Club
399 printed pages
Original publication


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