Anthony Engel

Is Your Neuron Broke

This completely revised and updated version is long overdue. Republished in 2020. Edited.

A new and ground-breaking approach to mental health management. Read about real people who share their stories about broken neurons and how these are reflected on the outside. They talk about depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, and more, and are surprised to find out that by modifying neurons in the brain, changes are made in mood and behaviour as well.

By simply rewiring your brain, you can produce the changes you seek.

Learn to challenge, change, or correct broken thinking patterns and behaviours — all by the power of your mind. Learn skills to enter the brain and make these changes from within! Find out if you have been Neuro-hacked and living someone else's reality! Take back control and live the life you are truly meant to live!

In this book, you will learn how to tap into the mind and access your internal workings of the brain, especially your neurons and neural networks.

This self-help book is easy to read and requires only imagination and visualization to bring positive changes into your life.

Are any of your neurons broke?

Sometimes you need to go inside to free yourself on the outside…
184 printed pages
Original publication
Anthony Engel



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