Frank Swinnerton

Arnold Bennett

'I have tried to depict Arnold Bennett as a man of character and integrity, a fundamentally innocent humorist, a superlative friend, and, to others, not myself, a difficult personality; but I have worked under considerable difficulties, with many interruptions, and the result may be unsatisfactory. If it is, I shall be sorry. One of my problems has arisen from the fact that to live again, as I have done, in a period long past and full of painful memories, has proved agitating and therefore exhausting.'Arnold Bennett (1867–1931) was a prolific English writer and journalist. He was a friend and benefactor to many writers of his generation including H. G. Wells, John Galsworthy, Aldous Huxley, and Siegfried Sassoon. Frank Swinnerton became acquainted with Bennett after sending him a draft of his first novel and later they became close friends over the course of many years. He wrote this detailed biography of Bennett some years after his death. It was first published in 1978.
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