How to Have an Almost Perfect Marriage, Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry

How to Have an Almost Perfect Marriage

170 printed pages
Whether you are single, married, or simply Fry-curious, Mrs Stephen Fry, the world's almost leading relationship expert, leads you gently but firmly though the marital process from proposal to divorce, dispensing invaluable and unique advice alongside spectacular recipes, incomparable poetry and candid personal accounts of her first meeting with Stephen and their almost perfect wedding day. You will learn where to find Mr or Miss Right without the aid of night vision goggles, how to marry them as cheaply as possible and, if you wish, how to stay married to them. As well as revealing how to keep the magic alive in a relationship and how to cope with Christmas and the in-laws, Edna shares her childcare secrets, household management tips (including how best to sweep things under the carpet) and talks frankly and explicitly about you-know-what. You may never be able to have a marriage as perfect as Mrs Fry's but if you read this book, follow her advice and ignore page 162, you may just have an Almost Perfect Marriage. 'A good husband is like a good wine – smooth, full bodied and best kept in the cellar' Edna Fry
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onceinbelgradeshared an impression3 years ago

Simple, funny (not hilarious, though), entertaining. Perfect as a bathroom book.

Statistically, 100 per cent of divorces start with marriage.
Statistically, 100 per cent of divorces start with marriage.
In the end, we arrived at a compromise – I ignored him and he went to the pub.
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