What if stories were written like music? Score is an anthology of varied stories arranged to follow an emotional score from the heights of joy to the depths of despair — but always with a little hope shining through.

“Homecoming” — A.C. Worth
“Tree and Flame” — Rob Francis
“The Trader” — Damien Krsteski
“Faux Ami” — A. Martine
“Raising Mira” — Pauline Yates
“Universe of Ghosts” — Samuel Chapman
“The Humblebract Expedition” — B. Morris Allen
“Selkie’s Song” — Mariah Montoya
“Fountainhead” — B. Morris Allen
“The Interrogation of Kelstrom Nor” — T.B. McKenzie
“Orl, His Master, and the Egg” — Adan Berkowitz
“Obliteration” — Caleb Warner
“Naves Autem Vacuo” — Thom Connors
“The Factory” — Michael Gardner
“That Moment You Realize” — David Hammond
“Shiver Soft Feathers” — L’Erin Ogle
“The Bully Pulpit” — Ian Rennie
“The Bureau of Sinful and Emotional Gods” — David A. Gray
“The Silence of Mother” — Gerald Warfield
“Potential” — Felicity Drake

409 printed pages
Original publication


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