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Volker Schunck


You haven't necessarily to be a theologian to be able to understand the “Sermon on the Mount” of Jesus' parables.Trivial stories for simple people, migrant workers, tax collectors, prostitutes. For the righteous and the sinners.
We can't witness the miracles first hand, but the stories by Jesus are simple and understandable for those who listen to them with open hearts. Unfortunately we have to miss the charisma of the storyteller Jesus. I only can imagine how he betokened with shining eyes and a burning heart, with wide arm movements, the greatness of God's love and mercy, how he sat to the feet of the poorest, and how he draw with his fingers pictures in the sand to make his stories more vivid.
Jesus simply comes along, a wandering preacher with dusty feet and unwashed hands and forgives sins. That he does with God's power. And everything what he is doing becomes to a sign as God means it with his humans. Jesus sees the essential, because he knows God's heart. The dirty hands during the meal don't make the human impure, but what comes out of his mouth, bad words out of a bad heart, they make the human impure. The commandments are for the humans not against them. Therefore he heals at the Sabbat and picks with his disciples grain from the field. The theologians haven't the last word, but let the little children come to me, for they understand God's realm. With Jesus everything suddenly becomes quite simple. Love God and your Next like your Self. That's it. Even a faith as small as a mustard seed can set mountains. Don't worry about tomorrow, but trust in God. Jesus himself was deeply anchored in the Jewish piety. He knew God as a son knows his father.
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