Barbara Glidewell,Old Natural Ways

Organic Micro Gardening Hacks – A Quick and Easy Guide to Creating a Sustainable Garden in Your Backyard with Limited Space

Micro gardening is essentially the practice of using small or limited spaces, such as patios, window sills, balconies, indoor pots, or courtyards in order to grow plants. The concept has recently gathered much press due to the attention given by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, highlighting micro gardening as a critical way in order to help more people, especially the urban poor, get more food on their tables. It also helps the environment, since a lot of the materials used are recycled from plastic containers, old trash cans, and even some old car tires.Because of the inherent lack of space, it will be tough to do what the rural gardeners do and support a full-fledged family simply on a micro-garden. But UN research also shows that a simple 11-square-foot micro-garden, when well tended, can yield as much as 10 cabbages every 90 days, 36 heads of lettuce every 60 days, 100 onions every 120 days, and 200 tomatoes in a year. Seeing these numbers, it is easy to imagine that micro gardens can be very profitable as well.
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