Sarah Louise Smith

The Lesbian Vampire’s Slave - Saga of Abduction, and Enslavement Volume 1 - 3 (Slave, Vampire, Lesbian, Bdsm)

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With 65,000 words to dig your teeth into this saga is one to leave you longing for a deep bite. Join Emily on a journey you'll never forget…

Oh god what is that? I feel so weird, but in a good way, am I being attacked?
My eyes open with a start as the horrible sensation closes in on me, it's coming from groin, oh god it feels like some kind of monster was causing the most horrible pain imaginable. I look down towards the source to see a huge moving, pulsing lump beneath the blankets. I pull it back expecting to see Veronica trying to drain me, only to find she was just eating me out in the sexual manner.
I should get used to this by now, oral sex is as certain in this house as sunlight in Singapore.
“Could you please not do that now, it really hurts after everything so far. I'm not a machine, I can't be sucked and tickled and licked and bitten and rubbed and whatever else you want to do to me without getting sore and swollen after a certain point.”
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