Daniel Kamen

The Well Adjusted Cat: Feline Chiropractic Methods You Can Do

This handsome little book is better for your cat and longer lasting than any canned treat. Dr. Daniel Kamen, a practicing chiropractor, explains how you can use these simple techniques to help settle your cat’s aching bones. By following these simple step-by-step instructions with over 110 clear illustrations in this book, any cat owner can incorporate these alternative methods of healing as a supplement to regular veterinary visits. While this is a serious how-to book for cat lovers everywhere, it is written with the flair and humor that helped Dr. Kamen win over television and radio audiences nationwide with his first book, The Well Adjusted Dog. And while we can’t make any promises, rest assured that after a few of Dr. Kamen’s simple lumbar adjustments, your cat will be feeling more relaxed. This is an essential reference for cat lovers everywhere who want nothing but the best for their pet. About the Author: Dr. Daniel Kamen was born in Chicago, Illinois and has been practicing chiropractic since 1981. His father is a highly respected anesthesiologist; his mother, a gifted artist. Dr. Kamen’s original animal chiropractic organization, “Animal Crackers,” produced animal chiropractic educational materials, which taught others how to adjust dogs and horses. Dr. Kamen lives with his wife, Sharon, of thirty-four years. Together they have three sons, Jeffrey, Gary and Kevin. He makes his home in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Dr. Kamen has been featured in many TV, radio, and newspaper stories concerning his work with animal chiropractic. He currently is on tour, teaching a professional as well as a lay lecture seminar on animal chiropractic (horse and dog adjusting). His hobbies include playing the piano and chess (master level). Books by Daniel Kamen include: The Well Adjusted Dog, The Well Adjusted Horse, The Well Adjusted Cat and a novel entitled Stagecoach Road: The Bullies Must Die.
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