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After staying in Milan for his apprenticeship, Michelangelo da Caravaggio arrived in Rome in 1592. There he started to paint with both realism and psychological analysis of the sitters. Caravaggio was as temperamental in his painting as in his wild life. As he also responded to prestigious Church commissions, his dramatic style and his realism were seen as unacceptable. Chiaroscuro had existed well before he came on the scene, but it was Caravaggio who made the technique definitive, darkening the shadows and transfixing the subject in a blinding shaft of light. His influence was immense, firstly through those who were more or less directly his disciples. Famous during his lifetime, Caravaggio had a great influence upon Baroque art. The Genoese and Neapolitan Schools derived lessons from him, and the great movement of Spanish painting in the seventeenth century was connected with these schools. In the following generations the best endowed painters oscillated between the lessons of Caravaggio and the Carracci.
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  • eadyidihhas quoted7 years ago
    as they are… I don’t know any painter who considers Giovanni Baglione a good painter.”
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    Almost all the painters I mentioned above are friends of mine, but they are not all good. By ‘good’ I mean sometimes having a good mastery of his art and by ‘good painter’ I mean a man who can paint well and knows well how to imitate the things of Nature. Good artists are those who understand painting, they will consider as good painters those I have judged as good and bad [as those I have judged as bad] but bad and ignorant painters will judge as good those who are as ignorant
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    Michelangelo Merisi abandoned traditional orientations, opened a new way and initiated a movement that would span several centuries and have an impact abroad to finally find recognition with the arrival of Rembrandt’s work.

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