Jack Kevorkian

Beyond Any Kind of God

The controversial doctor and advocate of assisted suicide presents a philosophical inquiry into the nature of life and death.
What is this thing called “life”? What does it mean to “be”? How and why do we “live”? What is this great and sinister unknown, “death”? These are timeless and universal questions. They are the type of questions prompted by meditative stargazing, and the sort we too often avoid in our modern world. In this ambitious and contemplative work, Jack Kevorkian examines these Great Questions anew.
Known in the media as Dr. Death, Kevorkian is perhaps the world’s most prominent euthanasia activist. Believing terminally ill patients have the right to pursue physician-assisted suicide, he personally aided doctors in more than one hundred such procedures. Rather than offering a scientific or philosophical treatise, Beyond Any Kind of God is Kevorkian’s personal, mental meandering into the very hazy phenomena that constitute the basis for human life.
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