William Faulkner

Absalom, Absalom

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    b3064994136has quoted4 years ago
    impalpable wall of gloom which separated them; the sun seemed hardly to have moved. It (the talking, the telling) seemed (to him, to Quentin) to partake of that logic- and reason-flouting quality of a dream which the sleeper knows must have occurred, stillborn and complete, in a second, yet the very quality upon which it must depend to move the dreamer (verisimilitude) to credulity horror or pleasure or amazement - depends as completely upon a formal recognition of and acceptance of elapsed and yet-elapsing time as music or a printed tale.
    b3064994136has quoted4 years ago
    It should have been later than it was; it should have been late, yet the yellow slashes of mote-palpitant sunlight were latticed no higher up the
    cobacoba331has quoted5 years ago
    from the fever which had cured the disease, waking from the fever without even knowing that it had been the fever itself which they had fought against and not the sickness,
    cobacoba331has quoted5 years ago
    Her voice would not cease, it would just vanish.
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