In Search of The Crystal Planet: The Star Crystal saga Book 2

They have a shared fate…
A combined destiny…
A mutual goal…
Will they reach it?
Who will die trying?
Their Destiny has been written, their paths, rigid. Their separate fates interwoven into one. How did they get to The Crystal Planet? What perils did they face, friends did they loose and paths did they cross? Finally, the answer we are all waiting for… What brought them to their definitive conclusion?
He is a teller of the past, not a prophet of the future. Or is he? What will Teller do to ensure his friends and his race reach their goal? What sacrifices will he make and most of all, what will he loose if he chooses the wrong path?
The continuation to The Star Crystal Book one will re-unite you with your favourite characters, your enemies and your hopes and fears. Will it happen all over again? Or is this a NEW BEGINNING!
403 printed pages
Original publication


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