John Sadler

R.E.S.C.U. E.: A Church Navigational System for Transformation

R.E.S.C.U.E. is a response to the “whys” in church life:

• Why do the majority of churches have only half or less members attend on the Lord’s Day?

• Why have approximately 40% of pastors been involved in affairs and 50% of their marriages ended in divorce?

• Why is there infighting in the church and why are there so many church splits?

• Why are there so many pharisaical people in churches?

• Why is the power of the Holy Spirit absent in churches?

• Why is Biblical truth watered down?

• Why is pastor or elder leadership not trusted?

• Why do congregations think they can lead themselves?

• Why isn’t the church reaching more lost souls?

• Why is church discipline off most church radars?

• Why is the average percentage of giving per member only between 1 and 3 percent?

• Why is a pastor’s tenure only two to four years?

• Why do churches fear change?

After 33 years of ministry overseeing all sizes of congregations, I have dealt with those “whys.” If churches do not address the “whys,” many will sink into the ecclesiastical graveyard or remain afloat in stagnate waters. I believe R.E.S.C.U.E. can navigate churches to be transformed into an impactful and fruitful body of believers that glorifies our Lord!
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