Himalayan Lust

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Every year,a group of Isha (Foundation) meditators sets out on a tour of the HImalayas.Accompanying them on this journey is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – a spiritual master considered by many to be one of the foremost living sages on the planet. This is a book for those who stayed behind.It is a chance to make piligrimage on the page,travelling through the unpredictable but fascinating terrain of the Master's words.Amalgamating discourses and conversations from several yatras,it is a blend of the specific and the timeless. This book is not just about the Himalayas.And yet,the book would never have happened without the Himalayas.The mountains play a vital role in the text,alternatively as context and catalyst,mood and metaphor.Without them,some of the questions in the book would never have been asked.Even if they sometimes seem tangential to the line of enquiry,they remain a powerful subterranean presence,eventually becoming the very bedrock of this book.
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    Menaga Kamalanadanhas quoted6 years ago
    ittle spot on the neck of the parrot. Aim at that spot and shoot.’ When they drew their bow, they waited till he said shoot. He kept them waiting for a few minutes. Most people cannot keep their focus in one place for more than a few seconds. Have you noticed this with yourself? So he let them wait for a few minutes with their bows drawn. It’s a strenuous thing, physically, holding it and being focused. Then he asked them, ‘What do you see?’ Then they went about describing all the leaves on the tree, the fruits, the flowers, the bird, and even the sky. When Arjuna’s turn came, he focused and he drew his bow.
    Dronacharya asked, ‘What do you see?’
    Arjuna said, ‘Just one spot on the neck of the parrot. That’s all I see.’
    Menaga Kamalanadanhas quoted6 years ago
    You’ve heard of Dronacharya, that man who took away somebody’s thumb? He is supposed to be the ultimate guru in archery, or any kind of arms, for that matter. These 105 brothers are his disciples. You know, the hundred Kauravas and the five Pandavas. Out of these 105, Arjuna became his favorite disciple to whom he revealed most. Arjuna became the greatest archer. Why this is so is not because Dronacharya played favorites, but simply because nobody else had the quality to receive.
    One day they were in a class. They lived in an ashram along with Dronacharya. He was saying something about archery. For practical laboratory work, he took them outside. (Laughs) He had set up a toy parrot on the topmost branch of the tree. He took them out and one by one he told them, ‘There’s a
    Menaga Kamalanadanhas quoted6 years ago
    It’s most important that your children grow up without a role model. And it’s especially important that it’s not you.

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