Living and Nursing in America: The Way It Is and Was, Dawn Griffis
Dawn Griffis

Living and Nursing in America: The Way It Is and Was

This book charts my experiences of both the medical and social aspects of living and nursing in America. After training in England as an RN I continued my career in the States. This was 1965 just before Medicare was enacted. For the next 43 years I worked and lived in 9 different states, in a wide variety of medical facilities including an Indian reservation, Airforce and VA hospitals. My experiences will shock and horrify you as I reveal a mountain of medical incompetence and misdemeanors. Sadly, much of this was generated by greed. You will read how different states demonstrated different levels of care. There are both heart-warming and humorous stories. It additionally describes what adjustments a young married English woman with two infant daughters had to make, dealing with temperatures of 115 deg, black widow spiders, cotton mouth snakes and tornados that was just in Oklahoma!
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