Dave Smith

The Britney Spears QR Quiz Book

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Scan the QR codes to reveal the answers in the coolest quiz book craze sweeping the internet!
This interactive quiz book allows you to instantly find out the answer just by scanning the QR code with your mobile phone. The answers are contained within the QR code – just scan the code and it will pop up in your app.
Use any QR code scanner app for Blackberry, Android, iPhone or Windows devices. If you donâ??t have one already installed then find out where to get one from at the start of this book.
The future of quiz books is here! Itâ??s great fun for all ages, adults and children. No more scrolling to the back of the book to find the answers. Just scan as you go to reveal the answer to the question. Great to play as a group with friends or even on your own. Have hours of fun playing this new interactive style quiz book.
No mobile internet connection is needed once a QR code app is installed. The answer will pop up directly on the app screen for you to find out the answer instantly. If you donâ??t have a mobile then donâ??t worry – we have still put the answers right at the end of the book just in case.
A truly interactive experience – combining ebooks with mobile devices is a revolution!"
Find other books in the series simply by searching your ebook store for 'QR Quiz Bookâ??.
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