School Tryouts, Elias Sassoon
Elias Sassoon

School Tryouts

Interesting collection of poems. Autobiographical in nature, arising from the time I made the decision to switch careers from writer to full-time teacher. I was burned out writing for major corporations. There was too much politics and aggravation. I had a license to teach Social Studies earned years before in college as a backup. Why not switch careers! But, making the switch was not easy. The change in job environments made my head spin. One major obstacles was that no school would hire me, the middle aged writer to be a regular teacher. Districts were looking for the young and not the old and bearded. How to break in? I took a job a substitute teacher for a pittance, trying to make contacts to help unearth a regular Social Studies position. I took a job working in a suburban Long Island, NY high school and began my second career. The only problem with that, the writer in me would not disappear while the teacher in me never could rise from the depths.
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