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Barbara Cartland

Hide and Seek For Love

Intrigue and imminent danger await the young men brave enough to join ‘The Great Game’, the political conflict between the British and Russian Empire, and Captain David Ingle is one the bravest as he saves a Fort in India from attack, disguised as a Muslim Holy Man.

Returning to Calcutta, David is congratulated by the Viceroy for service to his country, but warned that the Russian agents he thwarted now threaten his life. More importantly his grandfather, the Marquis of Inglestone, has died in an accident and the family title and estate is his.
Excited at returning to England to see Ingle Hall and the lovely grounds he remembers from boyhood, he is horrified to discover that his eccentric grandfather had become a miser and allowed the estate to fall into disrepair, refusing to spend a penny on it. Even more oddly, he had withdrawn the large family fortune, in coinage, from the bank and hidden it.
David finds Ingle Hall dilapidated and without any servants. The only ray of light is discovering the presence of a distant cousin, Bernina Falcon, and her nanny.
Bernina is beautiful, young and very innocent, and they grow closer daily as they hunt together for the hidden treasure.
Just as they are exhausting their search, a girl from David’s past in India arrives, Stella Ashworth. She is stunning, sophisticated and very interested in David — now she knows he is the Marquis. Determined to get her man, Stella will stop at nothing to get a ring on her finger.
With threats from the Russians, pressure from Stella and the constant fear of poverty and letting down the village that rely on him, David is beset on all sides. The only person that offers him constant support and encouragement is Benina, but will that be enough to save Ingle House and all that live and work there?
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  • fatimahj07shared an impression3 years ago

    Hunting is a despicable "sport".

  • Jayshree Gujarshared an impression3 years ago
    👍Worth reading


  • fatimahj07has quoted3 years ago
    There was also, which David could not help lingering over, a room filled with stuffed wild animals and birds.

    There were heads of tigers, black bears, stags and panthers and many weird and unusual stuffed birds. They were exhibited on tables or hanging down from the ceiling.
  • fatimahj07has quoted3 years ago
    if India was to be saved.
  • stephensonanniehas quoted7 years ago
    “I have often been asked, ‘how do you know when you are really in love and it is not just plain infatuation?’
    My answer is always the same.
    You are in love when your loved one is never out of your mind for a single second and you just cannot wait until you see and touch her or him again.”
    Barbara Cartland

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