Alan Douglas


Millionaire Robert Stanley is in Monte Carlo—his yacht Blue Skies in port, a beautiful woman on his lap, and his bodyguard Donald Herman standing nearby, ever vigilant. Robert Stanley is enjoying all the benefits of wealth, little knowing he's about to die.

Stanley's death behind the wheel of his blue Mercedes seems like an accident, but there is no denying many people wanted the man dead. As an executive, Stanley had been ruthless, gleefully driving competitors into bankruptcy and—it has rumored—suicide. He gained control of his company by turning the board of directors against his own father, an act that cemented his reputation as a merciless egomaniac.

Stanley's behavior at home mirrored his business dealings. Cruel and lascivious, his infidelity drove his wife to suicide. Blamed for her death by his children, Stanley worked to isolate them from each other, leaving them only a small trust from their mother for expenses.

No, Robert Stanley is not mourn, but was his death murder? In addition, if so, was he the target of a family plot or organized crime?

A tense thriller from the mind of Alan Douglas, Bad Mood Drive will keep you guessing until its shocking conclusion.
Millionär Robert Stanley ist in Monte Carlo — seine Yacht Blue Skies im Hafen, eine schöne Frau auf seinem Schoß, und sein Leibwächter Donald Herman in der Nähe, immer wachsam. Robert Stanley genießt alle Vorteile des Reichtums, wenig wissen, dass er im Begriff ist zu sterben.

Stanleys Tod hinter dem Steuer seines blauen Mercedes scheint wie ein Unfall, aber es ist nicht zu leugnen, viele Menschen wollten den Mann tot. Als Exekutive war Stanley rücksichtslos gewesen, gierig treibende Konkurrenten in Bankrott und — es hat Gerüchte — Selbstmord.
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