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The Candle Magic Banishing and Purification Instruction Booklet

Witchware is proud to offer this straightforward instruction booklet for banishing and purification candle magic. Published as part of a range of magical instruction works, you will learn to carry out two spells for banishing and purification.

Banishing spells can be useful to take away oppressive energies which weigh heavily on a person. You'll learn to work with the widdershins (anti-clockwise) circle to take things away and use the deosil (clockwise) circle to bring in what you want.

Learn to work a banishing spell with black candle magic, followed by a purification spell with white candle magic.

Who are these spells for?

They are for any budding practitioner who would like to learn how to 'cast out' oppressive energies and call in something more agreeable like peace.

This system focuses on bullying and teaches the practitioner to 'hit back' with witchcraft. It has been written for the beginner and will teach how to work with the Goddess in the dark of the moon.

It teaches what magical tools you'll need to carry out these spells and teaches step-by-step guidance into to how to bring it all together. Work at your own pace and learn skills that might help you throughout life.
18 printed pages
Original publication
Witchware Ltd



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