Ascent of Mount Carmel, St John of the Cross
St John of the Cross

Ascent of Mount Carmel

432 printed pages
St John has done what few others before or have since accomplished. He not only achieved but also accomplished, ascending Jacob’s ladder. He has provided directions for those who are behind him.

The search to experience God is nothing new, what makes John’s works different is the road map, which he has compose for us. He provided bezels of wisdom and key components along the way.

No one since Pseudo Dionysius has a person written down such detail in the quest to unite with God. His insight is keen, his perspective is acute His ability to lay bare the contents, which separate the functions of the soul from the spirit are indeed monumental.

John’s secret was his unequaled presentation of the mystical theology in a poetic form. John garnishes his expounded works with clear mystical perception of the scriptures. He has opened the realm of contemplation and has pushed the frontiers of human expression beyond any other before or after him.
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