Maximum Truth & Truthful Maxims, John O'Loughlin
John O'Loughlin

Maximum Truth & Truthful Maxims

152 printed pages
This voluminous project is comprised of two substantial books of maxims respectively entitled 'Maximum Truth' and 'Truthful Maxims', both of which, dating from 1993, extend the philosophy of Social Transcendentalism into new realms of metaphysical insight, including a more comprehensive subatomic theory that owes much to the structural quadruplicities of previous works, including 'Elemental Spectra' (1988–89), by the author. But it is in its departure from anything to do with the 'Clear Light of the Void', to which authors like Aldous Huxley fatally succumbed, that this project stands out as a beacon of evolutionary enlightenment in relation to the 'Holy Spirit of Heaven', the cover illustration to which would seem appropriately idealistic and even transcendentalist in its airy lightness.
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