Patrick Forsyth

Smart Skills: Business Writing

Book 3 of the Smart Skills series: practical guides to mastering vital business skills and techniques. Using proven strategies from business experts, these essential smart skills can empower anyone with the tools to get ahead.

Gain a competitive edge at work with your business writing skills

Effective business writing skills can help you win that million-pound contract, earn a promotion, resolve a dispute or generate a significant increase in business leads. Our Smart Skills book offers proven, practical advice on how to put over a clear and impressive message in a style that's deceptively simple and even enjoyable to read. These guidelines will teach you how to:

Write and format business reports, proposals or presentations
Recognise the dangers of poor writing
Write effectively under time pressure
Use persuasive techniques and structures
Deal with all types of documentation from a “simple” email to a long report

Accessibly written, it includes checklists, templates and exercises to help you work through even the most basic building blocks of good writing. Business Writing provides an antidote to the dangers of 'gobbledegook' and 'business-speak' and allows you to generate any kind of document with confidence. After reading this guide, your writing will be effective, engaging and memorable— a vital skill for all professionals.



Preface: The dangers of poor writing and the opportunities of good

1. Introduction: Good writing is the business equivalent of an open goal

2. Getting it down right

3. Making language work for you

4. Making it persuasive

5. Horses for courses: linking style to method

6. The brief, the very brief and the ubiquitous email

7. At length: reports and proposals

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