Alex Silberman


In 2015, when Alex Silberman was twenty-seven years old, he hitchhiked alone from East Coast America’s chilly Boston Harbor, north and west past Southern Ontario, before finally materializing from a desert mirage in California’s balmy Santa Cruz.
Alex describes his colorful and often eye-opening experiences in transit, with an eclectic cast of characters willing to pick up a total stranger. Drawings, photographs, tips, tricks and anecdotes abound as Alex makes his way across the North American continent with just his wits and a thirst for adventure to keep him company. A frenzied man, a lovable donkey, families in conflict, unconventional relationships and even a handful of death threats pepper his life-affirming journey.
Hitchin’ is a nostalgic tribute to the almost lost art of hitting the road and traveling for free (most of the time).
Alex Silberman is an outdoor educator that has worked within and outside the United States.
152 printed pages
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