Krav Maga Training Manual: A Guidebook to Changing Your Life Through the Martial Arts, Master Tracy Thomas
Master Tracy Thomas

Krav Maga Training Manual: A Guidebook to Changing Your Life Through the Martial Arts

An internationally renowned wrestler, boxer and gymnast, Imi Lichtenfeld recruited young men who shared his views, but his tactics were no match for armed adversaries. So he focused on creating a form of fighting that combined all the martial arts with a new way of thinking. Tracy Lee Thomas, a master teacher who has been instructing students in the martial arts for more than thirty years, explores how Krav Maga evolved and how to use it to transform your life. He examines its core principles, including: Neutralizing threats: This is the first and foremost objective. Simplicity: The art consists of holds, strikes, and blocks that are simple and efficient. Defense and attack at the same time: By using both techniques in a single move, you can remove the threat as quickly as possible. Constant motion: The objective is to incapacitate the opponent with a continuous series of movements that are aggressively defensive.
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