Marco Bensen

Soft Management for Decisive Results

This book describes how an employee-focused leadership, aka. “soft management” will ensure to achieve the best economic results. Leadership means taking care of the employees. If you deal with your employees in a proper and correct manner — generously, supportively, trustingly, openly communicating, informing, participating — then the employees will be more motivated, show greater commitment and accordingly they will perform better. A distinction is made between two management and leadership styles: On the one hand, “hard management”, which creates plans, sets up structures and monitors performance. The focus is on the task. Management is more aggressive and it's all about the bottom line. On the other hand, “soft management”, where the focus is on employees. It is a humane management that is largely based on emotions and where the focus is on dealing with each other and on communication. It is also shown that soft management is by no means a matter of “continuous softness”, “healthy world fuss” or “being nice “. Soft management is about tough facts like performance, goals and results. It takes strong leaders to implement soft management; Managers cannot afford to be insecure and have a lot of self-doubt. Employee-oriented leadership is the true spirit of leadership. The motto “Leadership is simple:" Take care of your people and both your organization and you will be successful «show the spirit of the author.
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