Informal Maxims & Maximum Informality, John O'Loughlin
John O'Loughlin

Informal Maxims & Maximum Informality

'Informal Maxims & Maximum Informality' is another of those 'mirror-image' composite projects by John O'Loughlin which takes his wholly aphoristic approach to philosophy a stage or two further along the path of philosophical truth than did its precursor in the genre,'Maximum Truth & Truthful Maxims' (1993), adding to Social Transcendentalism the concept of Social Theocracy, and thus broadening out the messianic ideology of transcendentalism to include what was destined, in subsequent books, to become the ideological counterpart of Social Democracy and, in that sense, the political as opposed to religious face of the ideology in question. The cover is largely comprised of an early abstract painting by John O'Loughlin which, in its quasi-expressionist/quasi-cubist bias he would regard as a suitably informal counterpart to this two-book volume of aphoristic philosophy.
160 printed pages
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