Jeffrey Wright

Party Everywhere

A 34-page single-poem book of serious fun and autobiographical hints.
It contains dozens of Jeffrey Cyphers Wright’s color collages comprising his words among variously shaped portions of appropriated wallpaper, stamps and insignias onwhich he has scribbled, painted and pasted. Some were re-photographed under glass,with objects placed above them in collaboration with publisher-artist Barbara Rosenthal,some of whose childhood artifacts are imaged within the collages. The first edition was produced in 2014 while he was recipient of a Creative Projects Grant at eMediaLoft, NYC.
For this second edition, each page has been re-designed in brilliant color, including thetext. The colors and sizes of Wright’s phrases speak them to the reader in various voices: loud, soft, public, private, dialog and narration.
The poem is an oddesy / odyssey, in which a character called “me” repeatedly tells the viewer to meet them somewhere, some places well-known to the New York poetry scene, but others more obscure, or playfully admonishes them to “work hard and play fair,” but atthe same time “party in your underwear.” And that character is designed into the collages, sometimes as a little boy or girl watering flowers, driving a go-cart, riding a bronco, doing a handstand, and in other energized positions.
8 printed pages
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