Robert Starnes

Loose Ends

      What could be better than dreaming of a time on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kona? Walking along the cliffs of South Point Park, looking over the edge of the cliffs to watch the crystal clear water wash up against the side of the Island, then rush back down. As the most amazing color water recedes back into the Ocean, it reveals puddles of water left on rocks, while also showing new cliffs leading into the side of Kona. So much happening here at South Point Park, but Ian also know this is not his memory. This is the moment he has been waiting for. This is the moment in his dreams he thinks he can get some questions answered by an old friend, only to leave more loose end for to follow.
Who wins the race to Maria’s room to see who she has caught now? Will it be her, or Jax?
Brayden and Conner wake up to find themselves in the dark about their location, but things change quickly. Who is telling the truth and who is not? So many loose ends to tie up, so little time.
Ian will stop at nothing to get his best friend, Kayla, back, which also makes him very dangerous right now.

183 printed pages
Original publication



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