Fredrick Kyomya


One hundred years after the spirits fell and those with power over death, time and the elements have all been killed; Andori has become a fractured state with its upper realm being home to its elite citizens while the rest live in the lower realms.

Callerian lives in a slum with his sister who’s gravely ill and running out of time. The only way to save her is to get passes for him and his family to move out, thus condemning him to use his body to get what he wants.

In the Buetan forest mines machines have taken over, leaving miners like Zenrid without work. Lightning from the mine starts to appear days later and Zenrid’s spirit ripped from his body. During his travel he sees a young woman whose machines appear to be powering the lightning. The young woman is Anhara, a member of one the most powerful families in Andori. She has been recently commissioned to upgrade the upper realms defenses in preparation for the eleventh hour.

Times are changing in Andori; the order of the seven houses is rising again and with their rise come whispers of a new generation of those gifted with death, time and the elements. The order of the seven houses has infiltrated Andori on multiple levels including some of the highest. As the agents of the order close in, Anhara Callerian and Zenrid find themselves battling the forces that have awakened inside them. Forces that they can’t control and that might just consume them.

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