Tim Murray

Gliese 667Cc

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Adam Truman returns from a ninety year mission to Gliese 667Cc, a planet thought to possibly host life, and finds a much changed earth. Thirty years after he left, an unusual nova in the Cygnus Constellation bombards earth with gamma rays for two days. Inexplicably, human Y chromosomes are weakened in succeeding generations. Women, by necessity, manage and control everything.

Truman has uncontaminated Y chromosomes to restore balance of full males and females. But, some favor the new society which is more civil and less violent than earlier generations. To this faction, Adam Truman is a threat.

Prudence (Pru) Allgood, a Space Agency officer and Adam's great granddaughter, protects and guides Truman in defying Space Agency to establish a workable Regeneration Program.

Gliese 667Cc, a science fiction, is Tim Murray's fifth book published by FastPencil. Earlier, he wrote the four part historic fiction, Memoirs of a Texan.
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