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Living a Jewish Life, Updated and

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Living a Jewish Life describes Judaism as not just a contemplative or abstract system of thought but as a blueprint for living fully and honorably. This new edition builds on the classic guide, which has been a favorite among Jewish educators and students for years. Enriched with additional resources, including online resources, this updated guide also references recent changes in the modern Jewish community, and has served as a resource and guide for non–Jews as well as Jews.
Addressing the choices posed by the modern world, Living a Jewish Life explains the traditions and beliefs of Judaism in the context of real life. It explores the spectrum of liberal Jewish thought, from Conservative to Reconstructionist to Reform, as well as unaffiliated, new age, and secular. Celebrating the diversity of Jewish beliefs, this guide provides information in ways that readers can choose how to incorporate Judaism into their lives.
Readers will learn how to choose the right synagogue, and discover the meaning and significance of lighting Sabbath candles. “Shabbat,” “Torah,” “kosher,” “mitzvah” and other key words are all defined in all of their complex and potent meanings.
On the most basic level, this book explains the essential Jewish vocabulary, but more importantly, LIVING A JEWISH LIFE is a sensitive and comprehensive introduction that reveals the timeless nature of Jewish tradition, rich with history and relevant in the modern world.
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    Рекомендую всем, кто хочет узнать больше о жизни и традициях другой нации. Ничто так не сближает людей, как знание языков, местные обычаи...читайте чаще и больше


    Kalley Danesehas quoted4 years ago
    There are two kinds of Jewish decoration for the home: ritual objects and works of art. Ritual objects have a religious as well as a purely decorative function. They include: the mezuzah (a small container affixed to the doorposts of a home containing a piece of parchment inscribed with a biblical text; the hannukiah (the candelabra or menorah used at Hannukah); Passover seder plates; candlesticks used for Shabbat and holidays; and special goblets for blessing wine (kiddush).
    Kalley Danesehas quoted4 years ago
    Home decoration is part of all known human cultures. But Judaism’s tendency to blur the distinctions between sacred and secular, and its definition of the home as a holy place, suggests a special set of aesthetic considerations. Displaying Jewish art in a home or office is an act of identification and connection. Shopping for ritual objects and artwork can be a way of exploring Jewish identity and a way of deciding how to express Jewishness in concrete terms.
    Kalley Danesehas quoted4 years ago
    With very few exceptions, the goal of Jewish observance is to open people up to the experience of joy—in Hebrew, simcha

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