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RV Living

Living the RV Life is cool as nothing compares to the freedom of traveling in a motorhome. But you know what's way cooler? Personalizing your ride!

Want to attract the eyes of the public or would you rather go unseen, this guide got you covered!

You got the van, don't stop there. Fashion and decoration is an extension of your personality. Unfortunately not everyone has good taste BUT don't worry, in this guide, I will save you from bad taste by showring you with the coolest and sickest decorative ideas.

In this guide I will show you how to balance cozy and good looking so that when you do have guests they will be amazed by the decoration in and out of your Rv!

This book is short but packed with hands-on diy and as well as things you can buy. It is to the point, no useless stuff here.

Topics covered:

• Themes to integrate

• Lighting placed in correct places changes everything

• The right paint job for you

• The furniture

• Curtains

• Showing off souvenirs/ Display

• The bathroom

• Wall decor

And other tips and tricks to really feel cozy and comfy at home

As I said before, the way your Rv looks is an extension of youself. The question is, do you want your Rv deco to scream «I have no taste“ or Would you rather it screamed «I am the coolest dude you will ever meet!»

If you chose the latter then waste no time and buy this book NOW! You'll thank me later.
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