Peter Lawrence

The Spirit Who Speaks

“One aspect of life in the Spirit that was essential for Peter was hearing the Spirit speak. Is there such a thing as a word from the Lord today? Can anyone hear God speak? How do we know it is God who is speaking? This book answers these questions.” –Carol Lawrence from her preface Peter Lawrence was a vicar in the Church of England for many years until his death in 2009. As he began to write this book about living fully in the Spirit’s healing power, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Accepting God’s will with grace, he has left behind this moving account of the spiritual reality that radiated from him and touched many lives. Blending anecdote, self-effacing humor, and biblical teaching, Peter describes how he discovered the gift of receiving a “word” from God, and the amazing healings of spirit, mind, and body that resulted. And he shows how God’s Spirit can guide you—powerfully, personally, day by day.
226 printed pages


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