Rosamond S. King

All the Rage

36 printed pages
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    Crystal Vega-Huertashared an impression7 months ago
    👍Worth reading


    Crystal Vega-Huertahas quoted7 months ago
    Lately we’re doing as many

    as six impossible things a day

    : decent rooms for the unhoused

    : unemployment benefits for gig workers

    : health care for the uninsured

    : waiving bail, depopulating prisons

    : eviction and foreclosure moratoriums

    : defunding the police

    I’ll tell you how imperfect it all is

    in another poem, because now

    is not Wonderland, or Neverland

    , or Heaven, or Nirvana

    or maybe now is, maybe we

    always were, and we need to

    open our eyes, work, believe

    : imagine what we can do

    Crystal Vega-Huertahas quoted7 months ago
    This poem knows your silence will not protect you

    It sees you

    Not knowing what to next

    This is not the poem we wanted

    The blank page in front of us is the ear of our grandchildren


    This was always going to be

    About work

    This poem

    Cannot finish

    Crystal Vega-Huertahas quoted7 months ago
    Some of us

    did not



    What we live

    we would not wish

    on anyone

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