Jeremy Scott

Original Sin: From Preacher’s Kid to the Creation of CinemaSins (and 3.5 billion+ views)

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This book here… is it a memoir? Kind of. Is it a humor book? Yeah, a bit. Is it an instructional tome? Here and there.

Perhaps best known as the snarky narrator and co-founder of the viral YouTube channel CinemaSins, Jeremy Scott cracked the code of turning a passion for film and sarcasm into a full-time job.

Original Sin: From Preacher's Kid to the Creation of CinemaSins (and 3.5 billion+ views) is Jeremy's compelling story of family, career, and deep love for movies that launched him into internet stardom. In his trademark, unapologetic voice, Jeremy gives an irreverent and honest take on the wild ride to creating a YouTube sensation. This memoir-with-a-twist sprinkles readers with his personal advice on the combination of dumb luck, know-how, and je nais se quois it takes to be successful on Youtube while hilariously relaying how two friends stumbled into fame.

With anecdotes of laugh-out-loud misadventures and insightful, actionable advice for aspiring YouTubers, Original Sin is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look into the inception of an internet sensation. But more than that, it's one man's love letter to humankind's greatest escape, a pastime that allows us to dream and dwell on beauty, art, and truth. Original Sin is Jeremy Scott's ode to cinema and how often life can imitate the movies.
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