Stephen Greenleaf

The Ditto List

A slightly sleazy divorce lawyer discovers something strange about himself: a conscience
There are seven women in the courtroom, and D. T. Jones loves them all. They are women who married young, have been mistreated, and have no prospects, no hope. For them, Jones will do all he can, which isn’t much. A cut-rate divorce lawyer, he specializes in default settlements—no alimony, no property, no fight. He’s not good, but he’s fast, and his clients ask nothing more.
Despite his cynical exterior, Jones considers himself a knight in rusty armor, helping women whom the world has failed. He yearns for a single quest worthy of his talents. He’ll get three: A battered pregnant woman, a penniless sufferer of multiple sclerosis, and a betrayed housewife all come to Jones begging for his help. Each case is impossible. To take all three could be professional suicide. How could he say no?
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