Florence Holbrook

The Book of Nature Myths

153 printed pages
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    Cофья Кутузоваhas quoted13 hours ago
    When the magician awoke, the little cat lay on the earth, and not far away was the dead serpent. He knew at once what the cat had done, and he said, "Little cat, what can I do to show you honor for your brave fight? Your eyes are quick to see, and your ears are quick to hear. You can run very swiftly. I know what I can do for you. You shall be known over the earth as the friend of man, and you shall always have a home in the home of man. And one thing more, little cat: you leaped from the high tree to kill the deadly serpent, and now as long as you live, you shall leap where you will, and you shall always fall upon your feet."
    Cофья Кутузоваhas quoted17 hours ago
    "Little bird, you have been a good friend to me, and I will do all that I can for you." He put some of the red blood of the magician upon the little creature's head. It made the crest of feathers there as red as flame. "Whenever a man looks upon you," said the warrior, "he will say, 'That bird is our friend. He helped to kill the cruel magician.'"
    Cофья Кутузоваhas quoted17 hours ago
    "If you wish men to love you, you must be good to them and help them. Then they will call you their friend."

    "How can a little bird help a man?" asked the woodpecker.

    "If one wishes to help, the day will come when he can help,"
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