Leader Is Not A Title, David Anderson
David Anderson

Leader Is Not A Title

Leader Is Not A Title is not just another book full of leadership theories. No one needs another book like that. Leaders at all levels need something practical, something that works. Leader Is Not A Title is that handbook. It’s a guidebook to shift your mindset and help you to develop your own leadership competencies. David Anderson learned this mindset from his personal experiences traveling the world on behalf of two United States presidents and more than 20 years in leadership positions as an entrepreneur and business leader.

In Leader Is Not A Title you’ll discover:

Why being a coach is more important than being the Boss.

Leadership is like chemistry.  It’s mixing the right people together for the best results.

People, not titles, motivate others to achieve success.

Conflict, done right within a team, produces the best outcomes.

Why the Platinum rule is more important than the Golden rule.

The 10%/90% rule of being a good communicator.

Accepting mistakes and failures are an important part of being on a team.
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